Creathon ESF boosts creative sector by increasing technological competences and finding new ways to deepen the connection between creative and ICT sectors in the educational structures of universities of applied sciences.

The targets groups of Creathon-project are:

1) creative professionals, 2) cultural sector and ICT sector educators and final stage students and 3) ICT companies and associations.

The Actions:

Strengthening co-work of creative and ICT -sector professionals (both working professionals and educators) and building Creathon-model.

Testing Creathon model in wider regional contexts together with ICT and Creative sector students, entrepreneurs and other actors.

Strengthening roots of Creathon model to basic work of educational sector. This is supported by materials that are collected.

A key element is finding new ways of starting education that is done combining several universities that will continue ICT – creative sector co-work in the future as part of creative sector education and/or open higher level education.

In summary, Creathon focuses on building new product and service innovations to enrich digitized creative sector, new cooperation networks and education processes bringing together creative and ICT sectors!